Faciotech is a composite Information Technology (IT) center that offers various IT solutions.

Website and software Development

To design and develop excellent websites,faciotech blends the power of creativity with popular and dependable web design languages. Our web design approach is based on accessibility, usability, reliability, and security, the sort of websites that will keep your visitors coming back and that search engines will appreciate. We create HTML/CSS websites using JavaScript and Ajax to give your site a dynamic look. We also create .PHP/MySQL websites that combine the most popular and web-standard open source web design language, PHP, with the most significant database system, MySQL. We create dynamic database-driven websites, content management systems, and e-commerce platforms using this mix. Finally, we design your website to be compatible with all devices, particularly mobile ones.

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IT training and Technology Consultancy Services

We analyze an organization's IT infrastructure and services to maximize new technologies' utilization and effectiveness. Our advisory service offers customers in-depth knowledge and understanding of their company's information system's needs and gap analysis concerning business requirements. Application, platform, and organizational planning are methods of identifying, monitoring, and managing technological assets as part of an overall IT strategy.

Our IT and management Consulting services provide standardized approaches that allow a company to examine its business strategy's technological needs quickly. When this is accomplished, resources, information systems, investments, and information technology strategy are linked to fulfilling business goals. Engagements are designed to help businesses achieve their goals using strategic management approaches given and guided by experienced industry experts.

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Retailing and distribution of IT equipment and accessories

We provide the most competitively priced IT equipment and accessories and free shipping and pickup from any location in the world. The sale of authentic software goods such as Kaspersky antivirus, AVG antivirus full protection, and other similar products are part of our services.

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