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Higher education institutions are under increasing pressure to provide distance learning while fulfilling security and compliance standards. Nonetheless, they are frequently constrained by the large capital expenses associated with outdated data centres, long-term contracts, and legacy applications.

Education ERPs need to pay attention to how digital capabilities are changing.

Change how you teach and how people learn with Faciotech's digital infrastructure. Run a modern IT environment that connects legacy and modern IT in order to encourage innovation and good education for everyone.

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While the customer support stands out, the quality of Faciotech's LMS is just as exceptional. I spent three weeks looking over LMS options, and I know I made the right choice when I selected Faciotech's. Fast, responsive, elegantly coded, and the customer service is among the most helpful I've experienced... anywhere. I highly recommend this LMS.

– INVcourses

When our schools were unexpectedly closed, we were able to adjust much more quickly to support the sudden increase in the number of students participating in remote learning because Faciotech provided us with a great deal of flexibility.

– Excellence Collect Int.